Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NHL 2008: All-Star Game

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On Sunday, January 27, 2008, in the 56th NHL All-Star game at Atlanta, Georgia. The East beat the West with a score of 8 to 7.
On Monday, January 28, 2008, Canada beat PlanetUSA with a score of 9 to 8.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Will the Giants Stomp On the SuperPatriots in the Game Set Up By God?

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The undefeatable New England SuperPatriots will be playing against the favorite defeating New York Giants in Superbowl 42. As everybody knows the Patriots are on a historic winning streak in the NFL. Breaking dozens of records this season. The Patriots have been the favorites all season. But this matchup will not be easily decided.

The Giants played the Patriots in the last game of the regular season, which was broadcasted on 4 channels. The Patriots’ win at New York set the record of a perfect 16 consecutive win regular season. Against all odds, the wildcard Giants defeated every favored team in the playoffs for 3 straight weeks to get to the Superbowl. A Patriots’ Superbowl win will set the record of a perfect entire NFL season with 19 consecutive wins. But it will be difficult against a Giants team that is on a streak of defeating favorites. Again, only the Giants stand in the way of a perfect season. The coaches and players will not have to do much analysis for this game. This game is exactly the same as the last regular season game with similar records at stake. The situation is so unusual, that you might think this game must be an act of God.

Superbowl XLII in Arizona will be on Sunday, February 3, 2008 at 6pm EST

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Djokovic and Sharapova win 2008 Tennis Australian Open

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On Sunday 1-27-2008, No.3-ranked 20 year old Novak Djokovic of Serbia wins the Men’s 2008 Tennis Australian Open Tournament over No.38-ranked Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France with sets of 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6. Tsonga had defeated No.2-ranked Rafael Nadal of Spain in the semifinals to get to the finals. Djokovic had defeated defending 2 consecutive Australian Open champion, No.1-ranked Roger Federer of Switzerland in the semi-finals to get to the finals. Djokovic ended Federer’s 10 straight Grand Slam Finals streak.

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On Saturday 1-26-2008, No.5-ranked Maria Sharapova of Russia wins the Women’s 2008 Tennis Australian Open Tournament over No.3-ranked Ana Ivanovic of Serbia with sets of 7-5, 6-3. Sharapova wins a prize of $1.2 million (1.3 million in Australian Dollars), the same as the Men's tournament.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Close NFL 2007 Championships

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The New York Giants were close to losing to the Green Bay Packers due to 2 missed field goals by Giants’ kicker Tynes. One of the 2 missed field goals was due to a bad snap. Eli Manning lead the underdog Giants in overtime to another upset and a victory in the 2007 NFC Championship with a score of 23 to 20.

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The score did not reflect the closeness of the New England Patriots versus San Diego Chargers game. Tom Brady threw 3 interceptions. One of the 3 interceptions was due to a tipped ball. But the Chargers also made turnovers. The Patriots won the game due to the defense, Maroney and Faulk. Winning the AFC Championship with a score of 21 to 12 is the Patriots’ 18th consecutive win of the season.

Will the Giants cause another upset or will the Patriots win Superbowl 42 and set the record of a perfect 19 consecutive win NFL season?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

NFL 2007 Conference Championships

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The New York Giants have been the underdog throughout the playoffs. But they have defeated the favored teams in each away game for the last 2 weeks. This is reminiscent of the New England Patriots’ 2001 Superbowl 36 season. Eli Manning has lead the Giants to upset victories. The Giants will be a huge threat to Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. This NFC Championship game will be a contest for the second place team in NFL 2007.

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The New England Patriots are the top seed to win Superbowl 42. This is a rematch of last year’s playoff game. As long as the Patriots’ defense remains aggressive for the entire game and stop Tomilson from long yardage rushes, the Patriots will have little difficulty in stopping the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Championship game.
Will the Patriots get their 18th consecutive win?

Monday, January 14, 2008

NFL 2007 Divisional Playoff - Upset Sunday

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On Saturday, 1-12-2008, the favored teams in the NFL 2007 Divisional Playoffs won as expected. The underdogs were leading in the first quarter of both games but the favorites made a come back. Seattle Seahawks lost to the Packers at Green Bay with a score of 20 to 42. Jacksonville Jaguars lost to the Patriots at New England with a score of 20 to 31.

Both divisional playoff games on Sunday, 1-13-2008 were upsets. San Diego Chargers defeated the Colts at Indianapolis with a score of 28 to 24. New York Giants defeated the Cowboys at Dallas with a score of 21 to 17.

This set the Conference Championship games:
NFC Championship:
San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots on 1/20/2008 3pm EST

AFC Championship:
New York Giants at Green Bay Packers on 1/20/2008 6:30pm EST

Will there be an upset in the NFL 2007 Conference Championships?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pats vs. Jags: The Quest For Perfection Continues

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Of course, the perfect regular season New England Patriots are favored to win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars are dominated by the Patriots in offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. If the Patriots have a difficult time in winning the game, it will be due to their own over-confidence. This was what happened last year in the 2006 Conference Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots were leading in the second half and decided to play a soft defense and their offense tried to use up as much game time as possible. It ended catastrophically, because the Colts made short passes and rushes, and eventually won the game. To win against the Jaguars, the Patriots defense needs to stay aggressive. The Patriots’ defense needs to put pressure on Garrard and watch for the quarterback scramble for the entire game. The Patriots’ offense needs to continuously score even when they are ahead.

The Patriots will be the most widely watched team, as NFL fans want to see if the Patriots will continue winning in the playoffs and set the new record for a perfect entire NFL season of 19 consecutive wins.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wild Results in NFL 2007 Wild Card Playoffs

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Two upsets were made in the NFL 2007 Wild Card playoffs. The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Steelers at Pittsburg with a score of 31 to 29. The New York Giants defeated the Buccaneers at Tampa Bay with a score of 24 to 14.

Expected outcomes were the Tennessee Titans losing to the Chargers at San Diego with a score of 6 to 17. And the Washington Redskins losing to the Seahawks at Seattle with a score of 14 to 35. These results set the Divisional Playoffs:

AFC Divisional Playoffs:
Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots, Sat 1/12/2008 8pm EST
San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts, Sun 1/13/2008 1pm EST

NFC Divisional Playoffs:
Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers, Sat 1/12/2008 4:30pm EST
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys, Sun 1/13/2008 4:30pm EST

Which divisional playoff game will have an upset?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

From Last To First In NBA 2006-2007

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In NBA 2006-2007, the Boston Celtics were the worst team in the Eastern Conference with a record of 24 wins and 58 losses. In the Summer of 2007, the Celtics made two big trades for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Celtics fans expected the team to do better this NBA 2007-2008 year with the new acquisitions. But no one expected the Celtics to be the dominate basketball team in the NBA. With the efforts of Garnett, Allen, and Pierce, the Celtics only have 3 losses so far this NBA season. The Celtics are definitely going to be in the playoffs. Will the Celtics be able to win the NBA championship?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Perfection At Last

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The New York Giants versus New England Patriots game on Saturday, 12-30-2007 brought in 34.5 million viewers. Patriots’ opponents and the TV announcers thought that the Patriots would lose the game when the Giants were ahead of the Patriots by 12 points in the second half. Yet, the Patriots came back strong and won the last game of the regular season with a score of 38 to 35.

New NFL records were set by the Patriots in this game:
  • Patriots are the first team to have a perfect 16 game regular season
  • Tom Brady set the new 50 passing touchdowns in a regular season record
  • Randy Moss set the new 23 touchdown receptions in a regular season record
  • Patriots set new 589 points in a regular season record

Will the Patriots remain perfect to win the Superbowl?