Friday, December 28, 2007

Randy Moss versus Jerry Rice’s 22 touchdown receptions record

(click "Rice vs. Moss" image on right to see NFL highlight video)
Randy Moss has 21 touchdown receptions this season. Moss is 2 receptions away from breaking Jerry Rice’s record of 22 touchdown receptions in a regular season.

Why has Moss been so spectacular in NFL 2007? Tom Brady. That’s why. Brady is an extremely accurate quarterback. He is known for quick passes to tight spots. Brady is the best quarterback that Moss has ever caught for.

But there is a problem with Moss’s abilities. Moss does well in the first half of the season but his performance diminishes at the end of the season. That happened when he played for the Vikings and the Raiders. Maybe he gets bored or tired. Who knows?

Moss is now having receiving problems because he is being double and triple covered by defenses. Also, Brady has become impatient and constantly throws the deep pass, which is a low percentage pass, to Moss. Brady needs to be more patient and throw to other receivers such as Stallworth, Welker, Brown, Gaffney or the Tight Ends to keep the defense off balance and set up shorter touchdown passes to Moss.

The Giants will likely play their backups so the defense will be weaker than usual. Moss has a very high chance of breaking the touchdown receptions record. Only if he has the will to do it.

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