Thursday, December 27, 2007

Titans versus Colts: the only other game worth watching

(click "Titans vs Colts" image for video)
It's the end of the NFL season. Unless you're a dedicated team fan, most of the NFL games are not worth watching. Other than the popular New York Giants versus New England Patriots game, the other game worth watching is the Tennessee Titans versus Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, 12-30-2007 @ 8:15pm EST.

Usually you would expect the Colts to stampede over the Titans. But this is the last game before playoffs. For the Tennessee Titans, this is a live or die situation. If the Titans win, they go to the playoffs as a wildcard. If the Titans lose, the Cleveland Browns go to the playoffs as a wildcard. The Colts have clinched home field advantage and a bye week in the playoffs so they have nothing to gain. The Colts will likely play their backups against the Titans. The questions are whether the Titans' starters are better than the Colts' backups or the Colts would rather see the Browns in the playoffs and actually play to win the game.

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